Hall and Oates meets the New Radicals

While Adam was earning his master’s degree in Horn performance (yes, the so-called “French” horn…), he stumbled upon a dueling piano bar in Tempe, AZ. He had taken obligatory piano lessons as a child and even had a scholarship, so he thought a part-time job at a piano bar would be a great way to pay the bills, especially since it was a job in music! With all the free time he’d have, he could be preparing for professional orchestra auditions on horn.

Horn and piano soon switched positions on the priorities list when the part-time dueling gig became a full-time career. Since 2008, Adam has been selling nostalgia and sing-along-cues in pianos bars in Arizona, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. And for a while, he was happy.

500 performances of “Sweet Caroline” later, it was time for Adam to make his own contributions to the musical world, and not let Top 40 requests control his musical life. In the summer of 2011 he flew to Portland, OR to record a demo of three original songs with his High School best friend who played bass and “knew some guys”. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be an introvert, listening to Adam’s songs are a great introduction. On stage, Adam is armed with only his piano and voice, putting him in the best position to share his feelings of love, loss, realization and resignation. The music is always honest, often therapeutic and always evolving.

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