My next Livestream Fundraiser, August 8

In the beforetime, I always thought it might be a good thing to do more videos and livestreams from my home. So I dabbled. I went on Instagram Live last christmas (have you followed me yet???) to give a quick “How-to-learn-music-by-ear” with a certain Mariah Carey song. A fellow dueler was the only non-family member who caught that one. I also recorded a video about how to play Smells Like Teen Spirit on piano without it sounding like some “melody in the Right Hand” sheet music you give your third-year piano student who wants to quit. I might make something out of that video down the road.

But that was the beforetime. One, or maybe only a half-pandemic later, I’ve graduated from dabbling to learning a lot about live-streaming, video editing, lighting, promotion, and I started livestreaming my all-request sing-a-long piano show weekly. My first one was paired with a fundraiser and that seemed to set the tone for all to follow. People were making donations and, despite that, still tipping me as well. More people showed up when I was raising funds too, so why stop? Well, I thought I might. Pretty soon the pandemic would be over and society’s problems would be fixed, no? But the only consistent law in this land is Murphy’s, and the events that occurred at the end of May saw many more reasons to stay indoors, educate yourself, and raise more money for good causes.

But drawing attention to myself is not something I’m very fond of doing. “Why Hello there! You don’t know me, but there’s this thing that I can do that you’ll want me to do specifically for you and your organization, and you won’t believe how much money it could make!…..Really!”. Not my nature, and it takes a lot out of us Introverts to do that, even though we’ve done nothing since St. Patrick’s Day but re-energize ourselves in the fortress of solitude. You think I’d have endless energy for it by now.

So I had to take July off. I was learning a lot of cocktail songs during the week, and another job called….Yeah, that job didn’t end up panning out (as you may know, I write drill for marching bands every summer, and if anyone ends up actually seeing a marching band on the field this fall, you’re probably the only one). But I’m ready to get back up on my stool, hook up my piano, sing some songs and raise some money for you. At least one more time 😉

So I’m returning to Facebook Live this Saturday, August 8. More cocktail tunes with my wife at 6, and an all-request family-friendly fundraiser immediately after until 9 PM. We’re raising money for a non-profit music program in Madison, WI called Music con Brio. They provide graduated tuition for children’s music lessons and are an overall force for good in the neighborhood, so you should definitely donate or I’ll feel like a bucket of moldy bread.

Also, I put some of my new-found editing skills into this promo, so enjoy! Also, join the FB event HERE and watch the livestream (and all my old ones) HERE! Who loves my old-school links?

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