New Videos are here!

Hello Loyal Interweb Viewer(s)!

Been a minute….like a two-year long minute. Been busy. and lazy. and playing Nintendo Switch in between. Also played on a cruise ship for a while, went back to Europe for the first time in 11 years, and learned how to omit pronouns from the start of each of my sentences.

But the drought of Adam A Nelson content is over! My determination to make a recording is renewed, and the first steps are almost done. I’m making some skeletal demo recordings, and also posting my songs on Youtube! I’ve got many cover songs posted there, but I’ve finally posted another original song up.

It’s a tune called “Picture Yourself”. I’ve put off performing it and posting is mostly because its very difficult to sing. I’ve always second-guessed my voice, especially its falsetto range. I recently listened to a recording of myself singing “Thunderstruck” in the original key, and didn’t like it. But Picture Yourself isn’t as high as often. And I recently posted a video of myself playing “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” (check it out here) and wasn’t too offended by my falsetto. So it was time to get a good video recording of one of my favorite original songs and share it with all of you. I wrote it around the time that my wife and I started dating. This stage of my life was already a decade ago and I’ve changed a lot since then, but back then I was rather self-pitying about my own love life. This song is a bit cheerier, emphasizing how there’s no need to feel that way anymore, and that perhaps there was no need to ever feel that way.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, please check it out and leave some comments. Maybe even subscribe, and like, and stuff like that. You know the drill. I’ll need a lot of help very soon when I’ve finally got some studio time to lay these tracks down, so stay tuned!!!

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