Surveillance Footage

I have started a Youtube Page! For the past year I have been amassing a few Terabytes of video culled from my 130+ performances, and when I found a single song performance that didn’t personally make me cringe (or contain inappropriate material), I slapped that sucker up on the interwebs! See for yourself! I have posted a handful of videos proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that I do, indeed, play piano and sing from time to time.

But wait, there’s MORE!

Most recently, I have been dusting off my original songs. I have some rather lofty goals for these potential ear-worms, but one of the first steps was making a video recording of each of them. So my youtube page is also populated by videos of 3 original songs! More are being recorded as I type (well, as soon as I’m done typing!), so make sure you subscribe, tell your friends, and keep your eye on this webpage (and my twitter and FB and don’t forget to camp out in a van across the street from my apartment with a very high-powered telescope and one of those hand-held plastic satellites that lets you listen in on far-away conversations), because updates will be raining down in fast succession!

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