I can name that tune in one blog

I’m going to try and blog more. Promise! nuff said about that I spose…

Except for my excuse. Ever been busy? I hear employed people use that word a lot, and now I even get to use it! Not because I’ve got one of those hoidy-toidy day jobs, but because I’ve found some good motivation to learn new songs:


I always have to learn new material for dueling pianos, but its hard to incorporate new things into your show, especially a show driven by other people’s requests. You probably will be asked to play “Do Ya  Think I’m Sexy” by Rod Stewart, someday…At tonight’s show? I doubt it. I could practice the song all week and after just a few shows of not playing it, I’ve forgotten it.

But now that I have to play 80 different songs every week for Live Music Trivia (which happens every wednesday night from 8-11 at Grace Street Tap), and repeat customers can’t just be asked the same questions over and over, I’ve got a lot of homework.

It’s a fun work-in-progress. At first it was all just an elaborate “name that tune, if you can recognize how its being played on the piano”. It’s split into 8 categories – Music from the 70s, 80s and 90s covers three of them. Then we songs associated with Television (most often theme songs) and Movies, a bonus round that, so far, has included cover songs or rap tunes, and a rotating round that’s different every week. Last week it was good guy/bad guy themes, this week its cartoons.

Infact, this week is almost entirely songs that I didn’t know how to play before yesterday. I was given a list of songs to learn for a nice gig downtown in Chicago, so I’ve put most of those songs onto this week’s trivia. So Wednesday nights have become my “dueling pianos beta-test-site”, so to speak. And its become a lot of fun. The music featured ranges from sing-a-long staples like Livin on a Prayer to obscure movie songs like “Will You Be There” from the movie Free Willy.

….but thats what I’ve been up to all month. learning songs. freaking out. never having enough time for Angry Birds, now that I got a replacement phone that doesn’t scream at me to delete shit. ..



If you’re in the Chicago area, definitely bring your friends to check it out. The overall prize for the winning team is a $20 bar tab. The winner of the bonus round gets a free round of shots. If we get some more people through the doors, and keep that consistent, we may be able to offer even more for the prizes!

Here’s the game: Every wednesday, come to Live Music Trivia and tweet with #LiveMusicTrivia to receive 10 extra points for your team. Then sit back with the shot and PBR drink special, and see which Toto tune I’ll be playing next.

3 responses to “I can name that tune in one blog

  1. Wow! Wish my time in Chicago had lined up with your gigs in Chicago so I could see ya play. Do you have to memorize all this music? Or can you use fake books/chord sheets. Not sure I could learn so much material, so quickly! Impressive 😉

    • Noah,
      Thank you very much. I’m playing there again tomorrow night, and the night after that, I will be playing at Goose Island in Wrigleyville – 9 PM. Hope to see you again.

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