One Step

I have officially finished the lyrics to my newest song, One Step. It’s taken probably two months to finish this new tune – its basically about feeling like everyone has a leg up on me. I kind of feel this way professionally, financially, socially…at least enough to write a song about it.

It’ll be a little while before I record it, though. I have very high aspirations for the piano part of this song. It has three distinct styles (and a key change for each one), but they don’t feel forced. The hard part will be writing each of these parts out. I have a tendency to do the same comping patterns over and over, and this is my best chance to create my own comping patterns, learn others that already exist, and expand my vocabulary. The slow process of musical evolution..

I’ll be playing this song at the Elbo Room this Sunday night, 8 PM. Come hear it and let me know what you think it sounds like. Hopefully I’ll have a video or audio of it soon, but not before next week. I have three performances coming up this week (corporate tonight, all-request on Friday at Grace Street Tap *come out and see it!!!!*, and the big show at the Elbo Room Sunday). They’re all different types of shows, and prepping for them will take up most of my time this week.

I hope to see you Friday at Grace Street Tap or, even better, the Elbo Room on Sunday. Tell your kids, tell your wife, they’s coming to get you and take you to the Elbo Room.

In the meantime, enjoy the lyrics to my newest song

Verse 1
Lean on me, but not too hard
do I really look like a rock to you?
paralyzed by wide eyes, yeah I’m not likely to move
but I swear everyone I meet has walls that stand on their own

Climb the flight in steps of two
you never have to meet me halfway there
I’ve got nothing in my calendar but flexibility
I’ll still ask far too politely for what I should demand

Why can’t the world stop to catch its own breath?
is there a color of the rainbow that I can’t see?
you think I’d be done playing catch up by now
but everyone else can’t help but stay one step ahead of me

Verse 2
know your place and wait your turn
that’s easy to say when you take all my moves
making amends instead of friends, they’ve all got deadlines to keep
they’re blowing autumn leaves all over my hand-me-down ride

you’d probably say cool passed me by years ago
you’re wrong – I am your retro trendsetter
But I’m just not big enough to be myself
why must I walk another man’s road just to find my own?

Chorus 2
Can’t wear you heart on Armani sleeves
you won’t get anywhere with virtue or tasteful subtlety
you think I’d be done playing catch up by now
but everybody else can’t help but stay one step ahead of me

if I could read your mind I wouldn’t waste our time
stepping on toes as a kid in his father’s shoes
Why don’t you just give up and call yourself grown up
well let’s not fool ourselves that’s what its all about
accept reality, admit to yourself I Can’t

© 2011 Adam A Nelson

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