Just-in-time songwriting

I’m pretty happy with the new song, One Step. Its a song about knowing that you should be grown up, but still finding it weird to look in the mirror and admit that you’re grown up….or maybe its just hard to look at my paycheck and admit that I’m grown up. Yeah, that’s probably the real issue, but I don’t really touch on that subject much in the song. It will take a lot of practice and polishing up to get it where I want it, but its ready for its premiere tonight at Metropolis.

Then there is a former song of mine, which used to be called Hate. I wanted it to be about the motivational power of this often-dubbed negative emotion. The old version had lost its way and it was unclear what the point of the song was. So I deleted the chorus entirely (yes, my new version HAS NO CHORUS!), rewrote the pre-chorus melody (and words!), and changed the key. Its not in C#, and not E (YIKES).

Firstly, it actually does alright without a chorus – the only thing I’m really missing, form-wise, is a strong ending.

The pre-chorus (ahem…pre-non-chorus) now sounds a lot more rockin and has more honest lyrics that convey the message much better.

And C# makes the song much easier to sing. It’s not harder to play, but I am unfamiliar with it, obviously. Once you’re used to playing a song in a certain key, and you’re not just mashing chords like I might do with a cover song I couldn’t care less about, it just becomes very comfortable. The new key isn’t difficult, but I will need to practice it a bit to get it to the level of performance I had when it was in E…one section of the song is actually easier in C# because I often cross my thumbs when I play – my right thumb might play the 7th of the chord while my left thumb goes under it to play the 8th or 9th. It makes for easier performance of melodic passages in the middle voices of my arrangements.

The only thing that’s missing….the ending. 5.5 hours until I take the stage and play the updated version for the first time infront of an audience. Will you be there to see me sink or swim?

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