The Latest Gigs

As everyone knows, tomorrow night I am making my Edgewater premiere at Metropolis Coffee Company at 6 PM. I’m playing a full hour of original music, some songs I have never performed before!

And upgraded versions of older songs! *

Different lyrics, some completely new parts to old songs, and filled out solo sections.

I think its true when people in Hollywood say “Movies aren’t finished, they are released”. If left to my own devices (and let’s face it, I am), I could spend my whole life making my songs better. Changing lyrics, expanding piano parts, tuning harmonies, adding effects, getting yet another vocal take and probably changing the lyrics again.

I’m happy with what I’ve got so far, and tomorrow night you’ll hear all of it. The emo songs, the post-break up songs, the finding-the-girl songs, the therapeutic songs, and a few meaningless ditties just for good measure.


Come see me November 17th!

1039 West Granville, Chicago IL 60660

*Note – upgraded always means better – just ask Netflix and Greedo

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