A song 6 years in the making (Part 2/4)

*for part 1, click here*

I’d been dumped. I was mad. She was crazy. I was moving away from my hometown for the first time in my life. I wasn’t quite sure how to put this into lyrics, so the first line was stream of conscious.

“Give me a sign, are you out of your mind for giving me exactly what I need?”

I had many more dummy lyrics that I thought at the time were actual smart lyrics. Lines like “you’re running away, not scared of today but frightened of where the day may lead” and “one foot out the door, when you can’t take anymore, yous lip away and label my good name”. These were all things I thought were spiteful to the person who had just “broken my heart”. I put that in quotations only because in hindsight its hard to believe I really felt that way.  But at the time (September 2005) I felt angry. I didn’t feel as rejected as I felt abandoned, left to the devices of whomever would be my next best friend in my new home from home.

I got a lot of advice at the time, usually encouraging me to play the field, avoid commitment, and make bad decisions for the sake of having something to do, or having something to distract me from whatever I told myself I was feeling.

Well I mostly told myself that I didn’t know how to do all of these things I was encouraged to do, probably because I didn’t want to do these things. My song had turned into a love song, of sorts. I was only interested in being some girl’s Mr. Right, not Mr. Right Now.

It would be three years before I would put these feelings into verse, finally finishing the lyrical portion of my song. 2008 rolled around, and I was in a very different place than I was three years earlier. I was still in Tempe, AZ, but I had a job as a dueling piano player, I had a cool roommate who, for all intents and purposes, was my best friend, and to top it all off I had just started a relationship with a girl. I really hoped that I could be Mr. Right.

So while recording a song I had written for her as a Christmas gift (see Picture Yourself), I guess I thought I would reflect those Right feelings by also giving her a recording of Mr. Wrong

The next chapter, Recording Mr. Wrong for the first time!

And for all of you Chicagoans, here is the poster for my upcoming performance at Metropolis Coffee Company on November 17th, 6 PM.

Come see me November 17th!

1039 West Granville, Chicago IL 60660, 6 PM

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