“Mr. Wrong (You Aren’t Me)” now available for download!!!

Whereas, Adam A Nelson has reached over 100 fans, and

Whereas, it happens to be a national post-mortem holiday, and

Whereas, I have never had anything available for download before,

the Interwebs is happy to bestow upon you, the fans, the first downloadable song from Adam A Nelson!!!!!

Visit the BRAND NEW WEBSITE adamanelson.bandcamp.com and name your price for Adam’s first downloadable singls, Mr. Wrong (You Aren’t Me). For the first time ever, you can download one of my songs, and it is all thanks to you for helping me reach over 100 fans and supporting me online.


All week I will be celebrating with entries on the trail I hiked just to get this single to you. From inception to final edit, how to take an idea, turn it into a song, and release it to the public. A story 6 years in the making, written down over four days of blogging.

So visit adamanelson.bandcamp.com and download the song, send it to all of your friends and tell them to help me get yet another 100 fans, and keep checking back to adamanelson.com for more information on previously released songs and what is yet to come from Chicago’s newest piano rocker!

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