*annoying news show music* Everybody Everybody! I have just posted my new mix of Picture Yourself online! You can find it on

as well as


And I’m ready to release another full band track, with drums, bass, and professional production. The track is called Mr. Wrong (You Aren’t Me) and features some real bad-ass playing from my friends Steve Giedosh on Bass and Darrell Grey on Drums, with production by Rick Freimuth. This track will be available for download, at any price you feel fit to pay. And it will be available AS SOON AS I REACH 100 FANS on Facebook.

So if you haven’t yet, click on the link just to the right to “like” me on FB!

Tell all of your friends to do the same!

If you know anyone who likes new music, singer/songwriters or sexy piano players, then let them know immediately about my page and my music.

HELP MY FAN BASE REACH TRIPLE DIGITS! Like me on facebook and very soon I shall release my never-before-heard, full track, full production song “Mr. Wrong (You Aren’t Me)”

And when you’re dong telling everyone about it, sit down with some good hot cider, listen to my new mix of Picture Yourself, and have a very Happy Halloween!

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