Yet another open mic

Went to Uncommon Ground once again last night for another open mic.

Wow – there was some talent there last night. A lot of great guitar players, singers and song writers, all inspiring me to write new stuff in a new way. That always happens when I see new artists. They make a rhyme I never thought of or do a chord progression that my music theory knowledge tells me *should* be wrong, and they go and do it anyway. Or they go ahead and do that angry song about cheating or how not to live your life. The audacity! These people have real talent and guts and it always inspires me to take my music a step further to places I used to think that no one would go with me.

I gotta say though, the one who really stood out for me was the guy who opened, and I assume, didn’t participate in the contest at the end or he would have kicked me right out of the running. I’m talking of one of my new influences, Mike Maimone. He went on stage, slapped the piano into submission, and hacked up a myriad of deep emotions onto the microphone. And I loved it. I had a nice chat with him afterwards and got a free CD from him, though I would have gladly paid for it.

So while you’re liking me on FB and checking out my music, definitely click on this guy and keep an eye out on what he’s doing. I’d tell you to see his next show at Uncommon Ground on November 17th, but we all know I’m playing that night at the Metropolis Coffee Company at 8 PM.

I know where your loyalties lie…and if you betray them, I know where you live!

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