Adding more shows!

I have just just booked another performance: I will be playing at the Big Shot Piano Lounge in Arlington Heights, IL on Saturday, November 5th from 10 PM to 2 AM. I will likely not play any originals, though. This will be much more like the dueling piano shows I have done for the past few years.

I could muse for hours and hours on the how what who where when whys of starting a career in dueling pianos and eventually ending it just a few months ago. I just knew that after witnessing it, I would regret never going for it and auditioning. I auditioned quite a bit before I got a job doing it, but for now I definitely prefer performing alone. I get to make my own rules, and its not an oppressive boss thing. Its more of a strange inferiority thing. When I play with another dueler on stage, I find myself trying to impress them instead of playing for the audience. I have a lot more freedom to be myself when I do an all-request show by myself. It’s also a bit easier because I just don’t have a very loud voice – my instructions and jokes often get lost if the other person on stage isn’t completely paying attention to what I’m trying to do, and I have a hard time being consistent and sticking to a script.

So come out November 5th to see me bullshit my way through the biggest hits and kitchiest favorites from the last 60 years of popular music!

And don’t forget about the Acoustic Showcase at Ballydoyle’s Irish Pub in Downer’s Grove THIS THURSDAY NIGHT! 8:30 PM!

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