Open Mic #3!

THIS FRIDAY! Adam is performing with Piano Fondue dueling pianos at the Brink Lounge in downtown Madison, WI from 9 PM to 1AM. $8, not to be missed! Now to the blog…

Just this last Tuesday night I played at an open mic at UncommonGround on Devon and Glenview. Here’s how it all went down:

After calling ahead to see if they have their own piano (they do!!), I warmed up my voice with a few vocal exercises and a shot of Grand Marnier and showed up shortly after 7 PM, when sign up was to start. Of course it didn’t dawn on me that the earlier I showed up to the sign up, the earlier I would likely perform. I also didn’t know that this particular open mic is a contest of sorts: each week, a winner is chosen from a “producer’s” ‘best of’ list, much like American’s Funniest Home Videos, except its Uncommon Ground’s Awesomest Most Radical Open Mic Performer.

I was the second performer, after another girl, Molly Osbourne (let’s call her), played a cover and an original song. I remember liking her original song (though I couldn’t tell you for the life of me how it went), but I remember being impressed with her rhyme of “worth it” to “perfect”. I was so impressed, infact, that when I relayed my wild impressions to my girlfriend, she told me that those two words do not actually rhyme. Silly me. Well, Molly performed the rhyme to perfection, which is exactly what is to be expected of a top notch performer.

As I said before, I was second to perform. I played Picture Yourself and Mr. Wrong, thinking it was a good thing to display two different styles of music. There isn’t a lot to say about my performances, though it is surprisingly different to perform my songs on acoustic pianos. My digital always sounds good, and I’ve gotten used to its touch. Acoustic pianos are inconsistent from model to model, and even note to note after its been played and abused for years. All I have is a low G that makes a snapping noise if I decide to really rock out. Some softer passages are truly soft when I play them live at these open mics, and loud passages just don’t punch as well as I want them to. But that’s because most bars out there aren’t sporting brand new Steinways. mmmmm

BTW…Uncommon Ground has lemon zested frites! I’m a big fan of frites (for those of you who don’t know what they are, they are basically french fries cooked by people who actually give a shit), and the addition of lemon zest (and parmesan, which I chose to omit) scared me at first, but it actually added to the taste of frites. Could have used more salt though. That goes for almost anything though.

The other acts were a mix of emotional vocal melismas, gimick songs on guitar, guitar duets, blues covers, and many forgotten words and soon-to-be pop songs. Highlights included US Mike’s slaying of the Carpenter’s “Superstar”, the Scuttlebugs (who eventually won the night), an Amy Winehouse doppleganger, a girl who did a song with only drum accompaniment, and a song about cheating boyfriend, sung by the cheating boyfriend.

In other news, the new mixes of a few songs are in the works, including the updated Picture Yourself and My Greatest Wish, both of which are featured on myspace (FOLLOW THE LINK TO THE RIGHT!!!), as well as two new songs with full band arrangement, and the re-recording of Another Day, previously released on myspace and reverbnation. Once I’m happy with the recordings, look for your chance to purchase them yourself online. T

So tell all of your friends, relatives, enemies, pets, coworkers and drug dealers to check out this and my other websites, listen to my music, like me on facebook, and come out and see my upcoming performances. Thanks!

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