My hurdle for the day is finding out how to re-record a vocal track to an instrumental track – mind you, this instrumental track is ALL of the instruments already consolidated into one mp3 (yes, compressed) file so there is very little I can do for it. Eq’ing has made the instrumental track sound like its truly happening in the background, but the voice has to come out somehow.

So I think its a perfect time for a break to work on my other re-recording for My Greatest Wish. By the end of the week I plan to have all three of the songs on my myspace page updated with their new mixes and vocal takes. I think I’m finally happy with the takes I’ve got, though I still have to get another shot for My Greatest Wish – I changed some lyrics that now need to be changed back.

I’d love to start working on a new song but nothing worth developing has occured to me lately. Sometimes it does, while I’m listening to another song, and of course I don’t have a pen with me. I have so many notes for songs and it seems like I spend all of my time just finding them and putting them in one place – once that procedure is done, I’ve overloaded my brain and I can’t put it all together.

Who needs an energy drink?

I’m also going to try and to an impromptu photo shoot tonight. I think I already know how its going to turn out, but its worth a shot. Look for a new website header shortly!

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