My ticket to Hamburg!!

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me well – I am not very good at spending my time productively. I have trouble finishing things, focusing for too long, and yet my toughest hurdle to jump is swallowing my pride. I don’t want to misuse my time, or offer it to anyone else and do what they want me to do.

i.e. get a job.

Well at this point, one may say that I am a freelance musician. I take what gigs I can – I’m a jack of all trades – my schedule is inconsistent and filled up months in advance.

Well in my defense, I think that sort of thing takes more than sex weeks to establish, especially when you don’t live in a one-horse town (what’s the origin of that phrase anyhow? I assume its from the 19th century or before, maybe an old west phrase…). Also, there are a lot of offers out there that don’t pay. I know I’m supposed to take whatever I can , but I have to pay bills, right? There’s no point in short selling yourself.

But then there is the stuff that pays a little, but not enough. I’m looking for piano students and one ad on craigslist was looking for an in-home piano teacher for her two kids who would work for $100 a month – did I mention their home is in Antioch, practically in Wisconsin? that’s $25/week – I would say per hour, but that’s a lie. I would spend one hour teaching and well over two hours driving. Knowing myself, I would likely also spend another hour or two a week prepping for their lessons (people out there who don’t think teachers need prep time for their classes should actually try teaching sometime, and I’m not talking about an online or adult course).

On craisglist, one can also find many bands looking for singers and vice a versa, film makers looking for music, and clubs or restaurants looking to pay a house musician with nothing more than a meal. It really does start to beg the question, “Which of these offers is really worth my time?” – yes, even to a starving artist who has a habit of wasting a lot of it.

And just when I’m feeling like there are no big shots out there, I come across this:






















How many opportunities like this might I be turning down?

And should I just man up and get that jo-job?

or get back to playing virtual console?

nah…It’s time to write some more insecuripop – (PSSSST Have I told you that’s the name of my music genre? Do you like?)

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