The checklist

I’m a champion list maker…Not list checker-offer, mind you, but I’ve got notes everywhere reminding me of what I should be doing and what I should have gotten done yesterday, yestermonth, yesteryear. I have word documents (still not a mac person….too soon?), text documents, notebook paper, even a dry-erase board above my laptop listing off all of the things I need to do if I want to reach whatever goals I’ve decided to reach this week

I want to write songs. I want people to listen to them. I want to make a living doing this. What needs to happen? I end up getting stuck on one step and all of the other steps get ignored, or never quite get traction. I can’t decide if some of these things can be done simultaneously, or if one task requires accomplishment of the previous task on the list.

I thought about writing out my huge to-do list here, but then I thought better. I’m not sure if list writing even works for me. It just seems to catalogue all of the things I haven’t done with myself. And when I do get to cross off something, I don’t have time to even start something else. Lord knows I don’t have the concentration required to finish it anyhow. OCD and laziness are supposedly traits of great artists…or complete losers. For now I’m stuck somewhere in between. Time to cross off a few things and get out of the middle of the road.

Anyway, I went to my second open mic last night. It was another piano bar, and another night filled with people singing showtunes and standards. I don’t mean to make that sound like it was lame or a bad time, because it definitely was not. These people I’ve met over the last few nights are all great entertainers, and a very good audience. It may have been the perfect way to get me started here in Chicago. Made a few good connections too, which could yield some very exciting things in the future.

I’ve got some edits to do on Picture Yourself and Greatest Wish, then I’m sending them off to my guest mixer to have it tweaked a bit, make it sound like I know what I’m doing. Look to the links on the right of the website to hear the current mixes of these songs on myspace.

Thanks for reading, all!

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