Second shot

I just finished editing the piano parts to two of my songs, My Greatest Wish and Picture Yourself. The gains were a bit high when I first recorded them in late June so I turned the gains down significantly and spent the last three days re-recording them. The fun part was last night and this morning  – taking at least three takes of each and mixing them together into one *mostly clean* sweep of each song’s piano parts. I’ll re-record the vocals this afternoon. I tend to be pretty picky about the vocals, so I doubt this afternoon will be the end.

I could keep recording and editing to achieve the flawless recording (in terms of notes, not edits – the edits ARE flawless to my ears), but *mostly clean* I think leaves room for the human connection. Vulnerability, adrenaline, and perserverance are all relate-able (does that word seriously have a hyphen?!?) traits, and none of those qualities are present in a perfect performance. I admire people who can do something perfectly, but I also admire someone who is constantly trying to improve themselves, often at the expense of perfection.

OK GO’s Extra Nice Edition of their latest album “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky” includes an interview with the band conducted by Ira Glass (let him tell ya’ll what its like bein male, middle class and white). The lead singer, Damian Kulash the second, admits to a vocal crack in a song that was recorded in one take outside of the studio – his producer Dave Fridmann (of Flaming Lips fame) told him “if you try to fix this error, your record will suck”.

I’m not trying to say I’ve got a spectacular recording in the works

…but I sure as shit don’t want it to suck.


ps totally wanted to put up the instrumental file of the song, but wordpress was being a bit of a diva – next time!

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