Such a vague term, “Beginnings”. How long of a rant shall I go on?

It’s been over a month since I have relocated to Chicago. No wonderful gigs yet to speak of – an ‘up in the air’ acoustic showcase on October 27th, and a performance at the Metropolis Coffee Co. on Granville and Kenmore, November 17.

For today, my songwriting focus is to write a few musical seeds that I may use tomorrow, or next year, or never. I have been writing a lot of thoughts down lately that I’ve been struggling to put to melody, or even organize into any sort of stanza. In between Smash Brothers Brawl, guest commentaries on second season of Spaced and paying parking tickets, I’ve managed to get a lot of pacing and brainstorming done, but no melodies have magically presented themselves in my head.

So when inspiration fails you, its time to just sit down and get writing. That’s when the true magic happens – the contrived creations bring forth at least one thing maybe worth rhapsodizing.

Or so I’m hoping.

Loss is supposed to be a catalyst to creativity, and it has proven so in my past. However, it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick at the moment. I’m reminded of the fall of 2007, when I struggled so hard to become a Dueling Piano player, to finally get the job right at the moment I ran out of money. I didn’t have anything to fall back on and I am not prepared to make that mistake again.

So after one of my pacing bouts, I watched the latest episode of Modern Family with a bowl of soup, admiring how Phil had reached his goal of tight-rope walking because his son suggested that Phil’s initial failure was due to his safety net. Phil knew that if he failed, he would not have anything to lose. He had to put himself in a “Do or Die” position. J.K. Rowling also said something to the tune of “Rock bottom provided me with the foundation to blah blah blah”…I can’t remember the rest, something about creating a world wide phenomenon, I hear, but the point here is not what she created – simply that “Do or Die” seemed to be exactly what was necessary.

So perhaps I should be prepared to make that mistake again, of having nothing to fall back on. Pretty much everything I’ve learned about “growing up” (whatever that is) in the past few years has told me otherwise. mmmmm, drama!

Maybe its time to ask,

WWCSFTS (What Would Chicken Soup for the Soul) do?

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